Step-by-step: How to wash & detail my car.

In a few words you will fully learn how to do a maintenance wash/detail of your car from beginning to end, step-by-step. In our previous blogs, we have talked about the importance of regularly detailing your car and the importance of doing it the right wait, whence avoiding machine wash. Read More at: Why you should avoid machine CAR WASH at all costs. We can also help you find a list of tools and accessories to have in your garage for you auto detailing needs. Follow the material and products used on this link for recommendations while you read this blog post.

Link: Car detailing kit you must have!

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First, we recommend that you park your vehicle in a shaded and roomy area. Make sure the vehicle is cool to the touch so that you avoid getting water spots during the drying process. Grab your car detailing kit and place them next to your car. Open all doors, remove any trash and the rubber mats, if any, and place them on the floor. You will wash them later before washing the exterior of the car.