The History of Auto Paint Correction and Polishers

Before we get into the history and advancement of polishers (also called buffers), we first need to discuss auto paint and its evolution in the past four-five decades.

First, there was the single-stage paint. This was the most common type of paint on cars before the 1990’s and is still around today, but in much less quantity. In broad terms, this type of paint has clear coat type properties mixed with paint to produce a thick coating. This coating was then sprayed on the car as an all-in-one paint and clear coat. Due to the heavy mix, this type of paint would come out very dense. If you examine old paint today, you will see the difference in depth compared to this day in age’s newer paints. This single-stage, or “thicker” paint, called for machines that could cut deeper and more rapidly. This gave birth to the first professionally used polishers – the rotaries.

Rotary polishers are heaving cutting polishers and are what’s called “direct drive” polishers. This means that it doesn’t matter what kind of surface the rotary polisher is on, the polisher will keep s