Paying Too Much for Detailing?

Why consistency over intensity is the answer.

For many, auto detailing is considered a luxury service. They will only consider getting their car detailed if it’s, one, a really bad condition and need to be worked on for hours , or two, they’re looking to impress a date with their shiny car. Even though detailing goes far beyond “just a good cleaning”, it’s about protecting and even increasing the value of your asset, most people are still hesitant to make it a regular service for their car. This is completely understandable. We get it. Detailing costs hundreds of dollars right? WRONG!

The problem here is that you’re not getting your car detailed consistently enough. THAT’S RIGHT! You’re not keeping your car well-maintained. You’re waiting until your car is filthy inside and out. Sand and pet hair have dug their way into the deepest layer of your fabric, mud has smeared into your carpets, wheels have so many layers of brake dust on them that you can’t even tell what color the rims were originally, and your paint has been abused by sun and road grime for months without being treated with a clay bar or conditioned with wax or sealant even once. OF COURSE YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE TO PAY HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS. That car needs to be vacuumed for 2 hours, steam cleaned to disinfect everything on the interior, shampooed thoroughly to remove the stains, clay bar treated to remove the paint decontaminations, polish or fully correct the paint to remove the swirls and imperfections, and wax or sealed to finally bring that shine that you want back. This kind of job will take a professional detailer all day and use up half of their products. Again, of course you’re going to have to break the bank.