How to achieve a showroom finish and keep your car looking that way.

How to achieve a showroom finish car and keep it that way.



You either have a brand new or a used car. Either way, if the clear coat isn’t completely destroyed, then we most likely can get your car not just looking new, but actually looking better than new. That’s right! The thing you might’ve not known about new cars is that they all come with manufacturing defects on the paint that are usually minor. However,  getting rid of those paint imperfections will drastically enhance the shine of your vehicle. Now put a ceramic coat, sealant, or carnauba paste wax on that new mirror-like finish and now you’re new car looks better than new.


New car owners step by step procedure to achieve a showroom finish


If your car’s paint is new or is in a close-to-new condition then thankfully you don’t have to do too much work on the paint correction side of things. A simple one-step polish will most likely level your clear coat the perfect amount, leaving a perfect finish with plenty of clear coat for future protection and correction. Once the surface scratches, swirls, and other minor imperfections have been cut out the paint, its now time to protect it. When it comes to protection you get what you pay for. A simple paste wax will protect your vehicle for a few weeks to a few months. This is usually the least durable and cheapest option. However, in terms of shine, not many protectants can match the shine of Carnauba based wax.


Secondly, we have Sealants. Sealants are not just more durable than waxes, they also protect against different elements that waxes don’t. Things such as UV protection, oxidation resistance, and corrosion resistance are things that sealants protect against that waxes don’t. Sealants typically outlast waxes by 3-4 months.  


Finally, we have Ceramic coatings. Ceramics last a lot longer than any wax or sealant would. They also cost a lot more. However, you can get anywhere from two years to some that even last 10+ years. They don’t only only provide extreme gloss and years of durability, they also offer Scratch resistance and protection for all surfaces, not just paint but trims, glass, leather, chrome, plastics, headlights, etc. This is the ultimate protection for your vehicle’s exterior and interior. After a paint correction, Ceramics are usually applied for a showroom car look because of the shine and durability.



Used car owners step by step procedure to achieve a showroom finish


The process of getting a used car to look better than a car with 0 miles on it can be a very time consuming one. However, with enough clear coat to cut into, even 20-30 year old cars can look perfect. After the paint is thoroughly washed and decontaminated, both with a clay bar treatment and an Iron x remover, the long and hard paint correction process starts. Usually multiple steps of compounding is necessary to remove the deeper scratches, oxidation, swirls from the more damaged paints. Once that’s done, there will be haze and minor swirls left on the paint that need to be polished out. The polish is used to achieve the final mirror-like finish of your paint. At this point, you can see the perfect reflection of the sun in your paint.


For older  cars, again, ceramic coats is usually the way to go. With minimal clear coat left, you want the best protection against any further damages and the paint is much more susceptible to damages due to less clear coat so ceramics would be your best bet.


Now your car will look like a show room car


Now that your car looks exactly the way you want it to, its time to keep it that way. To keep your car well maintained year-round, you have to clean it up pretty often. Here are some 4 basic and summarized steps:


  1. Wash your car at least twice a month

  2. Wax your car every other month

  3. Avoid parking under trees

  4. If daily driver, polish once a year


In summary, correct your paint to a mirror-like finish, protect it with something extremely glossy, and take care of it so it stays that way.


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